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Replies to Another GE List: Words Are VERY Important, New Survey

>Date: Tue, 1 Apr 1997 15:48:24 +0000
>From: (Jim Thomas)
>Subject: Re: Words Are VERY Important: New Survey
>To: Reclaim The Streets <>
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> Its also important to be careful with 'Genetic engineering' - originally
GE was
>known as Genetic manipulation - very quickly the industries involved
>how scary this sounded (and is!). 'Genetic engineering' sounds technical and
>controlled as if reordering genes were somehow like building mecanno (its more
>unpredictable and chaotic than that..) Unfortunately its the term that most
>people recognise.
>Of course the presently preferred term (Genetic Modification) sounds even less
>scary as if its just a matter of shaving off a bit here and there - nothing
>I prefer to talk about genetic manipulation or in terms of genetic experiments
>(pointing up the unpredictablility) and when talking about the people that
do it
>focus on the companies that pay the scientists and tell them what to look at
>rather than the scientists themselves.
>In a broader sense we need to be challenging science, the context it is
>practised in and the perceived authority of science: its not a superior
kind of
>truth just a particular way of gathering knowledge that can also be
>to various ends..
RTS now run a genetics information email list.
If you would like to be on it (and are not already) reply putting 'Genetics'
in the subject box.
If you have anything to contribute to the list then send it in and it will
be forwarded - unedited wherever possible.
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