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Fwd: April Global Actions Against Genetic Engineering--Progress Report

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From:	alliance@MR.Net (Ronnie Cummins)
Date: 97-04-02 21:47:19 EST

April Global Actions Against Biotech--Campaign Progress Report
April 2, 1997   by Ronnie Cummins, Pure Food Campaign USA
Tel. (218) 226-4164   Fax (218) 226-4157 email: <>
world wide web: <>

As of April 1, activists from at least 25 nations have committed themselves
to organize actions and press events against genetic engineering and
cloning during the week of April 20-27. These countries and contact persons
include the following:

(1) United States--commitments in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los
Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Madison, Detroit, Atlanta,
Austin, Tucson, Norwalk, Ct., Albuquerque, and Iowa City; with anti-biotech
activities also being incorporated into Earth Day Week activities in many
other cities. Contact: Pure Food Campaign (Ronnie Cummins) Tel. (218)
226-4164 Fax. (218) 226-4157 e-mail: <>

USA April Events Contacts: New York City (Mitchell Cohen Tel. 718-449-0037;
(Andy Zimmerman Tel. 914-478-8639); (Asha Golliher Tel. 212-226-7171).
Washington, D.C. (Foundation on Economic Trends Tel. 202-466-2823). Chicago
(Mike Durschmid Tel. 708-246 8496). Los Angeles (Steve Urow Tel.
310-399-9355). San Francisco (Michael Phillips Tel. 415 695-1591).
Minneapolis-St. Paul (Pat Kerrigan Tel. 612-870-1473). Milwaukee (Louise
Quigley Tel. 414-962-2703). Madison (John Peck Tel. 608-262-9036). Detroit
(Kay Halverson Tel. 810 476-3403). Atlanta (Anne Melfi Tel. 404-365-9582).
Austin (Neil Carmen Tel. 512-288-5772). Tucson (Gwen Cadenhead Tel.
520-624-7893). Norwalk, Ct. (Lela Florel Tel. 203-374-4646). Albuquerque
(Robin Seydel Tel. 505-265-4631). Iowa City (Teresa Carbrey Tel.

(2) Canada--actions planned at the GATT Codex Alimentarius labeling meeting
in Ottawa the second week of April, and for Global Action Week during the
third week of April. Also press conference planned for Prince Edward
Island. Contact: Council of Canadians (Dave Robinson) Tel. (613) 233-2773
Fax. (613) 233-6776 e-mail <>
Also contact: Campaign to Ban Genetically Engineered Food (Richard Wolfson)
Tel. 613-564 8517 Fax. 613-565-6546 e-mail: <>

(3) U.K.--actions planned across the country by Women's Environmental
Network and other groups. Contact: Women's Environmental Network (Ricarda
Steinbrecher) Tel. +44-171-247 3327 e-mail <>

(4) India--actions planned in April. Contact: Research Foundation for
Science, Technology, and Natural Resource Policy (Vandana Shiva) Tel.
+91-11-696-8077  Fax. +91-11-685-6795 e-mail <>

(5) Malaysia--actions planned by Third World Network and Consumers
Association of Penang. Contact: Third World Network (Martin Khor) Tel.
+60-4-226-6728  Fax. +60-4-226-4505
e-mail <>

(6) Philippines--actions (still tentative) planned by Center for
Alternative Development Initiatives. Contact CADI (Nicky Perlas) Tel.
+63-2-928-3986 Fax. +63-2-928-7608 e-mail: <>

(7) France--actions planned by Ecoropa and other groups. Contact: Ecoropa
(Etienne Vernet) Tel. +33-1-43-38-38-17 Fax. +33-1-43-38-37-88  e-mail:

(8) Austria --actions planned by Global 2000 including an important
national referendum on biotech foods the second week of April. Contact:
Global 2000 (Daniel Hausknost) Tel. +431-812 57300 Fax. +431-812-5728
e-mail <>

(9) Netherlands--actions planned by ASEED, the Amsterdam-headquartered
European youth network (also Friends of the Earth), possibly coordinating
actions in a number of European countries. Contact: ASEED (Stephanie
Howard) Tel. +31-20-668-2236  Fax. +31-20-665-0166 e mail:

(10) Spain--actions planned by AEDENAT. Contact: AEDENAT (Ramon Duran) Tel.
+34-1-319 8782  Fax. +34-91-571-7108 e-mail: <>

(11) Australia--actions planned by Australian GeneEthics Network and
Australian Consumers Association. Contact: GeneEthics Network (Bob Phelps)
Tel. +61-3-9416-2222  Fax. +61-3 9416-0767  e-mail: <>
Also contact: Australian Consumers Association (Carole Renouf) Tel.
+61-2-9577-3332 Fax. +61 2-9973-2328  e-mail: <>

(12) Japan--actions planned by Network for Safe and Secure Food and
Environment and Consumers Union. Public protest in Tokyo April 23.
Contact: NESSFE (Mika Iba) Tel.+ 813 3327-6444  Fax. +813-3325-5890 e-mail:
<> Consumers Union of Japan (Setsuko Yasuda) Tel.
+813-3711-7766  Fax +813-3715-9378

(13) Sweden--actions planned. For further information contact Martin Frid
Tel & Fax. +46-479 10010

(14) Italy--actions planned. Contact: Crocevia (Antonio Onorati) e-mail:

(15) Norway--actions planned. Contact: GATT WTO Campaign (Helge Christie)
Tel. & Fax. +47 6249-6096 e-mail: <>

(16) Belgium--actions planned. Contact: Pesticide Action Network Belgium
(Catherine Wattiez) Tel. +322-358-2926  Fax. +322-358-2926 e-mail
Also contact: CPAQ (Patrick Vander Linden) Tel. +322-218-4727 Fax.
+322-217-6078 e-mail <>
Also contact: BRABANT Ecologie (Christian Jacques) Tel. and Fax
+322-633-1048 e-mail < (Taty Lauwers)

(17) Denmark--contact NOAH (Jesper Toft) Tel. & Fax. +45-3879-1415 e-mail:

(18) Germany--actions planned in Bonn, Munich, Dusseldorf, Bochum, and
Cologne. Contact Gen-Ethisches Network (Werner Reisberger) Tel.+
49-234-540-294  Fax. +49-234-540-239  e mail: <> Also
contact AntiGen in Cologne-Kalk (Christiane Niesel) Tel. +49-221-830-2561

(19) Switzerland--actions planned for Basel April 21. Contact: No Patents
on Life (Florianne Koechlin) e-mail <>

(20) Poland--actions planned. Contact Krakow Green Federation (Darek Szwed)
e-mail <>

(21) Hungary--actions planned. Contact Daniel Swartz and Ada Amon e-mail
<> or <>

(22) New Zealand--ongoing actions. Contact Natural Food Commission (Guy
Hatchard) Tel. +9 522-1043  Fax. +9-524-6003 e-mail <>

(23) Georgia--activities planned. Contact: Georgia Greens and Biological
Farming Association "Elkana" (Mariam Jordjadze or Keti Nemsadze) Fax
+995-32-22-19-65 e-mail <> or <>

(24) Ethiopia--activities planned. Contact: Institute for Sustainable
Development (Sue Edwards and Tewolde Berhan Gebre Egziabher) e-mail

(25) Brazil--activities planned. Contact: IDEC (Brazilian Institute for
Consumer Protection) (Marilena Lazzarini Tel. +55-11-65-8151 Fax.
+55-11-62-9844  e-mail: <>

*     *     *

A number of activists have requested a sample press release to make
available to media in their respective countries. The Foundation on
Economic Trends in Washington, D.C. have prepared the following one-page
press release as a model or prototype. Groups may simply substitute the
name of their group, location, time, and event description (and substitute
appropriate polling information and quotes from their spokesperson) in
place of the USA information included in this prototype.





(Washington, D.C.) : The Foundation on Economic Trends announced today the
first global protests of the Biotech Age--with demonstrations, picket
lines, and press conferences scheduled for 25 U.S. cities and 30 other
nations. U.S. cities where anti-biotech actions will take place on the week
of April 20-27 include New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles,
San Francisco, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta, Austin, Tucson,
Albuquerque, and Iowa City. Anti-biotech actions are also scheduled during
Earth Day week activities on scores of college campuses.

NGO's in 30 other nations will also be taking to the streets to protest
animal and human cloning, genetically engineered foods and patents on life.
Protests and press conferences are scheduled for the United Kingdom,
Canada, India, Malaysia, The Philippines, France, Germany, The Netherlands,
Spain, Austria, Sweden, Australia, Japan, Italy, Norway, Belgium,
Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, New Zealand, Ethiopia, and Georgia.

The global protests are a response to the recent introduction of
genetically engineered foods onto the world market, last month's revelation
of the first cloning of a mammal and the quickened pace of patents on
transgenic plants, animals and human genes.  The first genetically
engineered food crops--Monsanto's controversial herbicide-resistant
soybeans and Ciba Geigy's gene spliced corn were introduced to Europe and
other world markets in November of last year and ignited a storm of
controversy among angry consumers demanding labeling.  According to a
recent poll 93% of Americans want all genetically engineered foods clearly
labeled and many consumers say they will not buy foods that are genetically

The cloning of a sheep in Scotland last month has raised further concerns
among citizens in countries around the world and led to calls for
legislation to ban all animal and human cloning. A Feb. 26 Time/CNN poll
found 93% of Americans opposed to human cloning and 66% opposed to animal

The increased pace of patents on transgenic animals and human genes has
raised similar concerns.  In 1995 more than 200 American religious
leaders--Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu--publicly
announced their  opposition to the patenting of transgenic animals and
human genes and vowed to mobilize support within the nation's religious
denominations and congregations.

Commenting on the unprecedented international campaign, biotech critic
Jeremy Rifkin said "Civilization stands at the cusp of a frightening new
era of cloning, genetic engineering, and eugenics. The time has arrived for
concerned citizens the world over to stand up and make their voices
heard--to launch a new global movement dedicated to defending and
preserving the Earth's rich genetic heritage. The first global protests
against biotech mark a new era of international activism" Rifkin concluded.


A Campaign Request:

Please email or fax specific information on the events planned in your area
or country if you have not already done so. This will help the Pure Food
Campaign as we talk to media and activists around the world. Also please
keep track of the media who contact you in your country, and let us know
about the success of your activities. Feel free to call or contact us if
you want advice or information on what types of events are taking place
across the world. For additional background information on the issues, you
may wish to access our world wide web site
<> which in turn is linked to other web
sites around the world such as Greenpeace and the Third World Network. We
congratulate you all for your hard work and creativity in making these
first Global Days of Action Against Genetic Engineering and Gene-Foods a
tremendous success.

Regards and Solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins for the Pure Food Campaign