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Tomato in UK

> Comsumers in the UK have been quite impressed with the (clearly
> labelled) "genetically modified" tomato paste.  They have commented on
> the superior taste of the product, are pleased that it costs less, and
> the fact that in now occupies 17% of the paste market is testimony to
> this.

Some time ago we had a discussion about tomatoes and how industry and PR-firms
use to lie about success of their gene foods. Therefore I post the contribution
of the pure food campaign ....

Regards, Eckart

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As reported in the US press (May 28, 1996 Wisconsin State Journal, the Flavr
Savr tomato has been taken off the market. As Wall Street analysts have
pointed out (Biotechnology Newswatch July 3, 1995) the Flavr Savr was a total
failure and would have bankrupted the Calgene Corporation had not Monsanto
rescued them with an infusion of cash. Monsanto now owns controlling interest
in Calgene. One of the reasons why the tomato failed was because the company
had at least some of the time "voluntarily" labeled the tomato (after
pressure from the Pure Food Campaign forced Campbell's Soup Co. to pull out
their investments in the product). Other reasons for its failure were (a) the
gene manipulation of the PG ripening gene had unintended consequences (soft
skin, weird taste, compositional changes); (b) high price--they tried selling
it at first for $2.99 a pound (as expensive as organic tomatoes), then later
dropped the price to $2.49, then $1.99, then .99. The propaganda about how
well it sold is just that, propaganda. We tracked its sales across the
country, talked to produce managers in dozens of grocery stores, and squashed
tomatoes in several well-publicized demonstrations in California and
Illinois, and are happy to report that at least one Frankenfood has been put
to rest where it belongs, in the garbage. The genetically engineered
processed tomatoes sold in Great Britain recently (produced by Zeneca/ICI) by
chains such as Sainsbury's represent a similar failure. These mutants
tomatoes are being shipped from the US and sold at an economic loss in the
U.K. (where they are cheaper than other brands) to delude people into
thinking that Frankenfoods will be cheap and labeled, among other things. A
good rule of thumb nowadays is: don't believe anything that the US government
or the US genetic enginneering industry says about the success of various
Frankenfoods or crops. Seek out alternative sources of information and most
of all keep up your boycott efforts. In Solidarity! Ronnie Cummins for the
Pure Food Campaign

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