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Monsanto CEO Robert Shapiro interview

Concerning the request for more information of the Shapiro interview
in the Business Ethics Magazine:

Information on Business Ethics Magazin can be found under:

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Business Ethics is a business publication bent on delivering timely, 
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manner. As such, Business Ethics (20,000 circulation, bi-monthly) is tailored 
to cover socially
responsible investing, business news, trends, and issues. 

In each issue, we present to readers insightful interviews with major business 
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features, timely analysis stories, charts tracking socially responsible 
businesses, and fresh
perspectives on life and work. 

Issues covered include progressive personnel management, truth in marketing, 
ownership, environmental protection, corporate ethics, workplace diversity, 
philanthropy, and

Business Ethics' audience consists primarily of business executives-82 percent 
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are managers, 30 percent are CEOs, 32 percent are at companies with 500 or 
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and 32 percent earn over $100,000 a year. Our coverage is therefore business 
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of specific examples of how abstract ideas like ethics can translate into 
improved efficiency,
higher net operating margins or other financial/performance benchmarks. We go 
beyond theory
and show how ethics and social responsibility play vital roles in business. 

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