GENTECH archive 8.96-97



Those who claim that labelling of gmo's will make the continuance of
their marketing unviable and therefore be as good as a ban (or at least
helpful in that aim) should take note of the following snippet of
conversation from the gentech mailing list.

> >>  Comsumers in the UK have been quite impressed with the (clearly
> >>  labelled) "genetically modified" tomato paste.  They have commented on
> >>  the superior taste of the product, are pleased that it costs less, and
> >>  the fact that in now occupies 17% of the paste market is testimony to
> >>  this.
> >>
> >I'd love to know your source for this.
> The regulatory affairs officer for Zeneca (the company producing the
> tomatoes) Nigel Poole quoted these figures to me recently when he was
> visiting Australia for a conference I was involved with.  The cans in
> question (sold though Sainsbury's and Safeways, under these labels)are
> certainly labelled clearly (quite boldly) - I have a can near my computer
> !!

I still think the campaign for labelling should be abandoned totally and
an all-out war on gmo's declared.

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