GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Roundup patent expiry date?

I think I read somewhere that Monsanto's patent on Roundup will expire 
soon and that its revenues from that source would therefore drop 
rapidly as other manufacturers starting selling it.

An unscrupulous company, not that I am suggesting Monsanto is, would be 
well prepared for this event if:

1) it had developed a follow on to Roundup, perhaps neither as good nor
   as selective.
2) had found a way of making the world's weeds resistant to Roundup.
3) had developed technology to put arbitrary herbicide resistance 
   into plants.
4) had developed skills in averting the potential public disapproval 
   of its techniques (see BST and dairy farmers for instance).

Can anyone confirm the patent expiration date for Roundup? Does anyone 
know what is Monsanto's publicly declared strategy for that event?

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