GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Words Are VERY Important: New Survey

We should think about how words are used regarding genetically
engineered food.

Perhaps we should never again refer to Monsanto, Novartis,
et. al as the bio-tech industry. Let us refer to them as the
chemical/genetic engineering industry or something similar.
Let me explain.

We cannot stand still and let them continue
to refer to cross species genetic engineering as "biotechnology."
This helps and allows them to blur things and confuse the public to
their advantage in bringing out these genetically engineered products.

It has become clear from both the Novartis and this last survey
that the government and the chemical/genetic engineering companies
intend to use the terms "biotech and biotechnology" to assist them
in their mission of propogating genetically engineered foods; they
intend to make vague and unclear the definite and clear distinction
between traditional reproductive crossbreeding/hybridization and
cross-species genetic engineering.

They, along with the government are doing everything and
anything possible to fool and lull the public into thinking
genetic engineering is a natural extension of what was done in
the past.

When they ask the public whether they are aware of "biotechnology," this
allows and encourages the public to think that they are asking about
crossbreeding and hybridization. OF COURSE they have heard of reproductive
biotechnologies which have created new breeds of corn, grapes, etc.
Who hasn't heard of this? Basically every adult has.

Then when these chemical/genetic engineering companies
get their predicted answer from the public regarding their
intentionally obfuscated inquiry, the chemical industry claims that
this has relevence to cross-species genetic engineering. It doesn't.

OF COURSE they have heard of this. OF COURSE they
think crossbreeding and hybridization are safe. I think even most
opponents of cross-species genetic engineering feel that reproductive
crossbreeding and hybridization are relatively safe.

PEOPLE, PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Do not let the chemical and genetic engineering
industry control the language used. WE NEED TO CONTROL THE LANGUAGE USED.
This will be another major weapon in this conflict over the food supply.

Use:                       Do Not Use:

Technology                 Science (GE Food is Fraudulent Science)
Chemical Industry          Bio-Tech Industry
Genetic Engineering        Biotechnology
Chemical Companies         Biotechs
Technicians                Scientists (Gives them
                                      too much implied respect)

Peter Ligotti