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>Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 14:49:09 +0000
>From: (Jim Thomas)
>Subject: (Fwd) toblerone press release
>ZURICH-- 27 March 1997--As Easter approaches Greenpeace today warned 
>that traditional Easter chocolates,  including those made by Nestle, 
>could contain genetically engineered materials but emphasised the 
>Toblerone brand does not contain these materials. 
>A chocolate scare hit Switzerland this week as chocolate manufacturer 
>Kraft Jacob Suchard  had to recall 500 tonnes of its famous Toblerone 
>chocolate after a spot-check by government authorities discovered the 
>lecithin it was made with contained genetically engineered (GE) soya 
>beans. The company had been told by its suppliers that the lecithin 
>was free of GE soya (The use of GE soya beans had been illegal in food 
>production until a Swiss government decision on Tuesday). The scare 
>has led to retailers in Austria, Sweden and Germany rejecting 
>Toblerone chocolate.    
>About 95% of the contaminated Toblerone was for the Swiss market and 
>that has all been withdrawn from sale.  The remaining five percent, 
>for export,  was either stopped at the border or was being  collected.
>"Greenpeace is now satisfied that Toblerone is GE free.  Kraft Jacob 
>Suchard has taken highly responsible action in recalling its GE 
>contaminated stock, " said Stefan Weber of Greenpeace Switzerland. 
>Kraft Jacob Suchard has also committed not to use genetically altered 
>soya beans in its chocolate despite the Swiss government decision on 
>Tuesday to disallow a legal challenge by consumer and environment 
>groups against the use of GE materials  in food production. (These 
>groups are taking their case to the Swiss Supreme Court) . However the 
>remainder of the Swiss chocolate industry,  such as Nestle,  have 
>refused to make a similar commitment and therefore their products 
>could potentially be contaminated with genetically altered soya beans.
>  "Consumers need to be aware that it is not Kraft's Toblerone which 
>  is the problem -- it is chocolate made by other companies such as 
>  Nestle, who have not listened to consumers and who are continuing to 
>  use GE soy in their food," Weber said.
>Weber said that companies like Nestle were hiding behind the excuse 
>that they could not find any GE free lecithin or substitute product. 
>However Greenpeace understands that a shipment of GE-free soya beans 
>from Brazil wll shortly be coming to Europe. 
>"The responsibility is up to the legislators to properly control 
>genetic engineering," Weber said. 
>For information:  
>Stefan Weber Greenpeace Switzerland 00-411-4474141  mobile - 
> Jon Walter Greenpeace International 00-3120-523 6222
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