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Fwd: Man is not god - Greenpeace Action goes to church!

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From: (Reclaim The Streets)
Date: 97-03-26 21:46:44 EST

>Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 12:24:47 +0000
>From: (Jim Thomas)

>Press release 
>of 26th March 1997
>Greenpeace campaign: Cologne Cathedral as a symbol of protest against 
>genetic manipulation of plants and animals. 
>Cologne, 26th March 1997.  50 activists from the environmental 
>protection organisation Greenpeace today demonstrated in and around 
>Cologne Cathedral against genetic manipulation of living creatures. 
>Greenpeace members climbed up the exterior of the two towers of the 
>Cathedral, attaching a banner with the words 
>"Man is not God - down with genetic manipulation".
>Greenpeace considers the numerous genetic engineering projects to 
>constitute a threat to biodiversity, ecological systems and hence also 
>creation. "We do not want to attack the Catholic church," says Joerg 
>Naumann, genetic engineering expert at Greenpeace, "we merely want to 
>show that we have reached a cross-roads. If we don't do something now, 
>genetic engineering will pervade our entire lives and not just our 
>food." Greenpeace has been fighting for months to prevent the 
>introduction of genetically engineered soybeans in food. As recently 
>as on 21st March, Toblerone chocolate in Switzerland was found to 
>contain genetically engineered soybeans, forcing the producer to 
>withdraw roughly 500 tons of chocolate from the market. Greenpeace is 
>also attempting to prevent the cultivation of genetically engineered 
>maize in Europe, contending that Europeans must be given the choice 
>between genetically engineered and natural food. Most of the genetic 
>engineering projects in the agricultural industry do not have any 
>benefits for consumers. All they do is boost the profits of chemical 
>companies such as Monsanto or Novartis (Ciba-Geigy and Sandoz). The 
>cloning of Dolly the sheep proves that there are no limits to the 
>experiments performed by scientists on genetic material. Dolly merely 
>involved the transfer of genetic material in sheep. However, 
>researchers in Poland are already experimenting with human growth 
>genes in carp, while scientists in Scotland are implanting human genes 
>in cattle. These super-animals and plants pose a threat to 
>agricultural biodiversity and the wealth of life in natural ecological 
>systems. The chemical companies will not abandon these projects unless 
>they are unable to sell any genetically engineered products, e.g. in 
>the food area. To this end, the concentrated resistance of our entire 
>society is necessary. Here as well, Greenpeace sees the church as 
>having an ethic duty to support the opponents of genetic engineering. 
>Information: +49 - 40 - 306 18 395
>A message from Greenpeace:
>Dear visitors to Cologne Cathedral and citizens of Cologne,
>The international environmental organisation Greenpeace is at Cologne 
>Cathedral today to demonstrate against the genetic manipulation of 
>living creatures. Genetic engineering is becoming increasingly 
>prevalent particularly with agrochemical companies. Imports of 
>genetically manipulated soybeans from the USA to Europe and the 
>planned cultivation of genetically engineered maize are just two 
>examples of this.
>We trust that you will appreciate why we are here today:
>The Greenpeace campaign is not directed against the religious feelings 
>of Christians. We respect the Cathedral as a place of faith, peace, 
>reflection and repose. Under no circumstances will we disrupt your 
>visit to the Cathedral. Instead, we will remain outside. 
>We also respect Cologne Cathedral as a historical and cultural 
>heritage. Accordingly, all precautions have been taken to prevent any 
>damage to this valuable building. All Greenpeace activists stationed 
>here today have been instructed accordingly. Even so, we consider our 
>campaign to be important as genetically manipulated organisms 
>represent irreversible interference with nature. Altering animal and 
>plant genetic material is an affront to creation, disturbing the 
>intricate balance which has developed over million of years and which 
>ensures that genetic information is passed on from living creature to 
>living creature. This problem concerns all life on earth and all 
>people, Christians and Nonchristians.
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