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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 09:53:58 -0800
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Subject: [Fwd: DIRECT-MKT: NAREEE Advisory Board Members]

Dear Alan & Betty,
Thought you would be interested in this info . . .

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Sec. Glickman just announced members of the National Agricultural Research, 
Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board. Authorized by the 1996 
FAIR Act, the board will advise USDA and land-grant colleges and universities 
on ag. research, extension, education and economics policy and priorities.  It 
replaces 3 USDA boards: the Agricultural Science and Technology Review 
Board, the Joint Council  on Food and Agricultural Sciences, and the National 
Agricultural Research and Extension Users Advisory Board.

Advisory Board's first meeting is September 16-18 in Washington, D.C. 
Members were selected from nominations from over 600 organizations as 
part of a nationwide search that produced over 400 nominees.  Terms range 
from 1 to- 3 yrs. 

Members (and general category;  FAIR Act specified membership category 
for each of the 30 advisory board members) are: 

Frank Busta, St. Paul, MN, Univ. of Minnesota, (nat'l food science organization)
#Zerle Carpenter, Bryan, TX, Texas A&M Univ., (nat'l food animal science 
Gail Cassell,  Birmingham, AL, Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham, (scientific 
community not closely associated with ag.) 
Mary Clutter,  Washington, D.C., National Science Foundation, (research 
agency of Federal Gov't other than USDA) 
#John Dillard, Leland, MS,  self-employed farmer, (nat'l aquaculture association) 
***#Dan Dooley, Visalia, CA, self-employed farmer, (plant commodity 
producer);  Brother Calvin Dooley represents  CA 20th District in the US 
House of Reps. 
Kirk Ferrell, Arlington, VA, National Pork Producers Council, (nat'l animal
commodity organization)
#Hector Garza, Silver Spring, MD, American Council on Education, 
(nat'l organization directly concerned with ag research, education and 
David Gipp,  Mandan, ND, United Tribes Technology College, (1994 Institution) 
Jerry Don Glover,  Muleshoe, TX, Texas Corn Producers Board, (nat'l crop 
commodity organization) 
Miley Gonzalez, Las Cruces, NM,  New Mexico Cooperative Extension Service,
(Hispanic-serving institution) 
**#Victor Lechtenberg,  W. LaFayette, IN,  Purdue Univ., (1862 Land Grant 
#Thomas Lyon, Shawano, WI,  Cooperative Resources International, (farm  coop)
Sam Minor, Washington, PA, The Springhouse Co., (food retailing and 
marketing interest)
Janice Nixon, Sterling, CO, Colorado State Univ. Cooperative Extension, 
(nat'l social science association) 
Russ Notar, Wheaton, MD, National Cooperative Business Association, (internat'l 
development/private sector organization) 
#Ralph Paige,  LaGrange, GA, Federation of  Southern Cooperatives, (rural 
economic development)
Skee Rasmussen, Belvidere, SD, self-employed rancher, (food animal commodity p
Richard Ross, Ames, IA,  Iowa State Univ., (American Colleges of Vet. Medicine) 
#Barbara Schneeman, Davis, CA, Univ. of California-Davis, (nat'l nutritional 
science society) 
Ann Sorensen, Oregon, IL, American Farmland Trust, (nat'l conservation  or  
natural resources group) 
Dolores Spikes,  Baton Rouge, LA, Southern Univ. and A&M College System, 
(1890 Land Grant University) 
Joe Stewart, Battle Creek, MI, Kellogg Co., (food and fiber processor) 
#Barbara Stowe, Manhattan, KS, Kansas State Univ., (nat'l  consumer interest 
Larry Tombaugh, Cary, NC, North Carolina State Univ., (nat'l forestry group) 
Ann Vidaver, Lincoln, NE, Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, (nat'l crop, soil, 
agronomy, horticulture or weed science society) 
Kaye Wachsmuth, Washington, D.C., Food Safety and Inspection Service, 
(USDA agency lacking research capabilities) 
Ronald Warfield, Gibson City, IL, Illinois Farm Bureau, (nat'l farm organization) 
Steven Watts, Colfax, WA, The McGregor Co.,  (transportation of  food 
and ag.  products) 
Nancy Wellman, Miami, FL, Florida International Univ., (nat'l human health 

Items on the advisory board's Sep. 16-18 meeting agenda include review of the 
USDA Research, Education, and Economics Draft Strategic Plan;  nominations 
to a 15-member "Strategic Planning Task Force" created under FAIR Act to 
develop a 10-year strategic plan for federally-funded agricultural research 
facilities; and consultation on other FAIR Act legislation, including 
implementation of the Fund for Rural  America competitive grants program.

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) 
will provide support for the Advisory Board.  Executive Director is Deborah 
Hanfman, formerly USDA coordinator to the president's National Science and 
Technology Council.
** Chair
*** Vice Chair
# Executive Committee. In addition, Catherine Woteki, Acting Under Secretary is
an ex officio member of the Executive Committee.

National Program Leader
Rural, Economic, & Social Development
Cooperative State Research, Education, & Extension Service
U.S. Department of Agriculture
Washington, DC, USA 20250

(202) 720-4387 tel.
(202) 690-2522 fax e-mail


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