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New Publications on Biotechnology Regulation and
Public Debate from The International Centre for Human
and Public Affairs (ORDER INFO SEE BELOW)

Coping with Deliberate Release
The Limits of Risk Assessment
Edited by Ad van Dommelen, 1996
ISBN 90-802139-4-2; Dfl(dutch guilders) 69,-, 256 pages with
      The fifteen chapters of this volume are the concerted
attempt of internationally distinguished authors from Europe,
the United States and Japan to map promises and perils in the
emerging social and political landscape of modern biotechnolo-
gy. The limits of risk assessment in relation to the delibera-
te release of genetically modified organisms are addressed
with regard to the `Scientific Backgrounds' (Part I), the
`Regulatory Practice' (Part II), and the `Political Conditi-
ons' (Part III). The most recent cases on genetically engineered
crops etc are included. Contributions among others by: Philip
Regal - Sheldon Krimsky - Christine von Weizsäcker - Les Levidow

Contested Technology
Ethics, Risk and Public Debate
Edited by René von Schomberg
ISBN 90-802139-2-6; Dfl (dutch guilders) 59,-, 265 pages with
      New discursive procedures for technology assessment are
introduced and reflected within the framework offered by
critical theories such as Ulrich Beck's analysis of the `risk
society', Jürgen Habermas' theory of communicative action and
Anthony Giddens's approach to late-modernity. The papers
collected for this volume address the following themes: conte-
sted technology: the social-philosophical dimension; public
debate and technological innovation, ethics of risk assessment
and implications for the legal system. Contributions among
others by: Wolfgang van den Daele - Fritz Gloede - Ruth McNal-
ly and Peter Wheale

The Social Management of Biotechnology: Workshop Proceedings
Edited by Peter Wheale
Dfl(dutch guilders) 29,-
      This volume of collected papers is designed to inform,
stimulate and engage all those interested in the emerging
biotechnological age. Topics covered in the text include the
ethical questions raised by the creation of transgenic farm
animals, the morality of genetic experimentation on animals,
the controversy surrounding the patenting of genetic material
and of the transgenic animals themselves, and the ethical
implications of engineering transgenic animals for the sole
purpose of transplanting their organs into humans (xenograf-
ting). Also considered are the environmental hazards, public
policy issues, and the political implications of modern bio-
technology and genetic engineering.

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