GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Kraft recalls 400 tons of GE chocolate from Swiss market

Kraft Jacobs Suchard withdrew 400 to 500 tons of chocolate products from Swiss 
shops yesterday, after they discovered that it contained lecithin made from 
genetically engineered soyabeans.  It is currently illegal to use any GE soy 
for human food in Switzerland, so Kraft had bought lecithin which it thought to 
be GE-free.  Routine testing at the production plant showed that this was not 
the case, and so the chocolate, including the famous Toblerone brand, was 

On Feb 21 this year, the highest court in Switzerland had ruled that GE 
soybeans produced by Monsanto may not be imported while the government 
is considering a legal appeal from Greenpeace, farm groups and other 
environmental organisations.

Last year, Greenpeace blockaded a shipment of GE soyabeans which was trying to 
enter Switzerland without authorisation.  The Swiss authorities impounded the 

Peter Morris, GE Campaigner, Greenpeace Int, Amsterdam
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