GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Sweden oil mill moves away from GE soy

A rough translation of Greenpeace Sweden press release:

After more than a week of blockading by Greenpeace in an ongoing action  
against the Swedish vegetable oil manufacturer Karlshamns AB, the company 
 yesterday told Greenpeace that they will not import any more genetically 
engineered soy oil until earliest after summer. The company says that they 
have secured shipments of the 1995 harvest until April, and after that expects 
to buy oil originating from Brazil. Brazilian farmers have not used
manipulated soy beans yet.

- What just a couple of days ago was impossible has now suddenly
become possible, says Mats Abrahamsson, Campaign Director for
Greenpeace Sweden. This shows that not even big companies like
Karlshamns AB, can force products on the consumers that no-one wants.
We congratulate Karlshamns AB for their decision.

The pressure on Karlshamns AB has grown lately when more and more food
processors have converted from soy oil to other products. There has
also been some pressure from their next door neighbor Carlshamns
Dairy, who clearly has rejected genetically manipulated products, but
who still have seen their sales go down because people confuse the two
companies with each other.

- We will keep an eye on Karlshamns AB also in the future, says Mats
Abrahamsson. If necessary we will come back after the summer.

Soy beans is used, besides for oil, also in the form of soy meal, soy
lecithin and as animal fodder. In these uses it has been possible to
use earlier harvests, but many food processors are worried what will
happen when there is no more natural soy. Around the corner,
manipulated rape-seed, corn and other crops are waiting.

- What has happened in Karlshamn give us much greater hope to be able
to stop genetically manipulated products also in the future, says Mats
Abrahamsson. This sends a clear signal to the producers that the
market wants unmanipulated products.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Abrahamsson, Campaign Director, +46 701 30 00 00