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Global days of action


I am forwarding the following letter from AntiGen regarding
the global action days.

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c/o Christiane Niesel
Hachenburger Str. 14
D-51105 Cologne
Tel: +49-221-8302561 

                               Cologne 21st of March

Hello dear campaigners,

we are AntiGen from Cologne-Kalk, an initiative who is also
demonstrating against genetically engineered food and other
genetically engineered experiments. We are very happy that you
organize this international week in April 1997. Our group is planning
a couple of information evenings and music-theatre acts.

We are working on bio- and genetically engineered food and pharmacy
because Germany plans a center of bio-genetical products in our
neighbourhood in Koeln-Kalk, called the Rechtsrheinische
Technologiezentrum (RTZ). Koeln-Kalk is a poor, nice, international
quarter of Cologne where indistrualism left his footsteps (closed and
broken down industry ruins).

This is our programme during the week "Global days of actions against
genetically engineered food":

April 21 1997 Information evening about the
              PRODUCER-CONSUMER-COMMUNITY, "UnGeniert genieszen" -
              that means enjoying unashamed - unashamed means in
              german unGeniert - un = not, geniert = ashamed; The
              food-community already exists and is looking for new
              members. Organisator: BuergerInnen beobachten Petunien.
              Place was not clear yet. Time: 19.30 o'clock

April 26 1997 Information evening: Genetic and pharmacy,
              Speaker: Gregor Bornes, Chemist
              in Koeln-Kalk, Eythstrasze 7, 19.30 o'clock

April 27 1997 Mind: We extend the global food week
              Sunday - walk to the place where the Bio-Genetic-Center
              will be placed (they start to build it this summer),
              with subculture-action and Maria Mies, she will talk
              about the resistance of women in india in terms of
              globalization and patenting.
              15 o'clock in Koeln-Kalk, Subway: Kalk Post

Greetings from Antigen, 

Christiane Niesel


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