GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Re: Final Cloning Position Paper

>>Position Statement on Cloning
>>by the Council for Responsible Genetics
>>A call for a worldwide ban on human cloning  . . .  and wider public
>>debate about biotechnology

Overall, I liked this position paper.  But I have to quibble with:

>>Despite the sheep cloners' disclaimer of any intent to apply this
>>technique to humans, mainstream commentators, including "bioethicists,"
>>are already peddling the ideas of cloning dying children or 100%
>>compatible human organ donors. <snip>
>>We can expect that professional bioethicists and corporate
>>marketing agents will ply their trade to make such new applications
>>culturally palatable.

This to me seems to misrepresent the aims of bioethics.  Most bioethical
perspectives I have seen on cloning have condemned the move, and I have
seen nothing to suggest that any reputable bioethicist would seek to abuse
her or his position by making something unpalatable seem palatable -
indeed, my experience is that culturally the work of bioethicists go almost
completely unnoticed.  Indeed, IME, most people outside of the field would
have little idea of what a bioethicist *is*.  I wouldn't like to see your
position paper seek to make bioethicists the enemy - I believe we're all on
the same side.

Cheers!  Deslea R. Judd BTh

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