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A few more thoughts on labelling

1. If you regulate something you legitimate it.

2. if you did a 'consumer survey' asking people if they would eat
tumours very few would say yes, yet most people know that many processed
animal products contain these.  (the obvious answer to this, 'not if
they were labelled' - is not relevant here, I'm just showing that
surveys speculating about the future foibles of yer average consumer are
really only useful to market researchers)

3. Once labelled, GM foods will take their place on the shelves along
with all the other crud over which scientific opinion is divided.
(between those who say it's dangerous and those who are paid to say it
isn't). Aspartame is a good example of what will happen with labelled gm

4. responded defensively to my "why labelling is
pointless" article, but admitted that campaigning for a ban is crucial,
yet still I have seen no mention of this in their voluminous output. I
am reminded of 'politicians answers'.

5. Labelling only tackes _food_ gmo's. Nothing is being done about the
rest of pandora's escapees.

I'm not not involving myself greatly in this campaign any more as there
is a whole planetful of shit going down and very few people to stop it,
so I'll go to other things for now. There are plenty of people
campaigning for labelling and not many tackling some of the other things
threaten us.  Thanks for all the good debate, I'll keep an eye on things
genetic and when something worthwhile comes along I'll get involved if
people aren't too pissed off with me.
For wild earth and self-willed people
PS I'm going back to wilderness defence, as this is my greatest love. I
don't believe that people do have a right to choose things that affect
other people or indeed directly affect other living beings, for mere
expedience or convenience, therefore I would be being dishonest
supporting a campaign which puts this principle as its main one. I will
defend wild nature against this transgression in my own way, my enemy's
enemy is not necessarily my freind.
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