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RRS Soybeans Monsanto's Crop Predictions

    TAMPA, Feb 28 (Reuter) - U.S. farmers are expected to plant eight to 10
million acres of Roundup ready soybeans this season, Monsanto Co <MTC.N> said
Friday, up sharply from just over one million acres in 1996, the first year
the biotech product was on the market. 

    Monsanto's Doug Dorsey told a joint convention of the American Soybean
Association and the National Corn Growers Association that surveys found
yields were as good and better as with regular soybeans. 

    It also found 75 percent of growers made a single application of the
herbicide Roundup Ultra. 

    Roundup ready soybeans are resistant to the Roundup herbicide. Monsanto
created the technology and licenses it to other companies to use in their

    The government has forecast 1997/98 U.S. soybean acreage at 65.3 million

17:57 02-28-97