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Possible Correction About Labeling

Hello Jean,

If the information was incorrect, then I can do nothing about that.
I got the information from a friend who had posted it onto another


Dear Peter,

Thanks for the information that you supplied regarding Novartis  announcing
its decision today at an international conference sponsored by Tufts
University to label genetically engineered foods.

This is a misleading statement.
As far as I have heard they only are talking about labelling the seed
provided to the farmer, not the product to the consumer.

Thus, the consumer still would have no way of knowing if what they are
buying is genetically engineered.

There has been much discussion amongst other biotech companies in Novartis
making the announcement in a way that it could be construed that it would
be labelled for consumers.

Do you have the text of the statement delivered at the Tufts' conference?


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