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Re: '60 Minutes' Television Program in U.S.A. and Australia

                    - NutraSweet Causes Brain Tumors

From: Mary Stoddard <marystod@AIRMAIL.NET>
Subject: Re: '60 Minutes' Program - NutraSweet Causes Brain Tumors

As a member of the research and production team for both the U.S. and
Australian versions of Sixty Minutes, I can tell you we did our
search into the brain tumor/aspartame connection very thoroughly and over
period of many years. You can be very sure the Sixty Minutes legal
departments went over the content of these segments with a fine tooth
and eliminated everything that could not be verified. And as strong as
final product was, it still didn't give the whole story. Many things were
omitted because of time or legal constraints. In other words, what these
two news shows did is to give viewers a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg
in the aspartame issue.

May I suggest a quick tour of the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
website, which contains a scientific research article explaining the
connection, written by a world-class scientist, Dr. Erik Millstone of the
University of Sussex in Great Britain. Our press release from the Nov.
News Conference in Washington with Dr. John Olney, brain scientist and
author of the paper published in Nov. Journal of Neuropathology &
Experimental Neurology; Vol.55 No. 11, 1996, is also on the website.


In conjunction with some of the top brain scientists in the country,
A.C.S.N. is starting a brain tumor registry for those who developed their
brain tumors while using the artificial sugar sweetener, aspartame. (Our
website also shows how the animals in the original laboratory studies
developed *brain tumors*, mammary tumors, pancreatic tumors and uterine
tumors and the tests were falsified to reflect no deaths or tumors when
submitted to the FDA for approval.) The lab animals' tumors were
astrocytomas and glial cell related tumors, however aspartame ingestion
humans may result in other brain tumor types as well.

Mary Nash Stoddard, Founder Aspartame Consumer Safety Network (1987)
wife of Mike, dx brain mel. 10/84
Aug. 13, 1942 - Jan. 5, 1985

For those who cannot access our website:


DALLAS, TX - USA - November 4, 1996 - (ACSN) -- Doubts about the safety
the artificial sugar sweetener, Aspartame, better-known in the U.S. as
NutraSweet and Equal, surfaced anew in this country and Europe, with the
release of new research on the issue. Publication of the medical Journal
Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, November 1996, Vol. 55, No.
pp. 1115-1123, reveals a study, authored by Dr. John Olney et al, titled:
"Increasing brain tumor rates: is there a link to aspartame?" Olney, lead
author of the paper, is a noted neuropathologist and psychiatrist who has
challenged Aspartame's safety since the 1970s. The U.S. increase - about
1,310 cases per year - was marked by rising diagnoses of the same type of
highly malignant tumor found in laboratory rats in an Aspartame study in
the 1970s, the scientists said.

Mary Nash Stoddard, Director of the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network,
fighting the FDA and the giant artificial sweetener industry over this
issue since 1987, said ACSN's files contain over 10,000 complaints about
the sweetener. Most of them central nervous system related. A number of
complainants - heavy consumers of the sweetener -  suffered from brain
tumors. One, a commercial airline pilot who lost his medical license to
fly, blames Aspartame for the brain tumor resulting in the loss of his
flying status. More than 1,000 pilot-related calls have come in since the
pilot's hotline was established. Stoddard refers to a 'ticking time bomb'
in every cockpit on every flight in the form of diet sodas, packets of
'blue sugar' and chewing gums.

Members of ACSN were featured October 24 and 25 on national television,
telling of central nervous system related ailments they and their doctors
linked to the sweetener. Commercial airline pilots related incidents of
grand mal seizures in the cockpit, in flight. The mother of a three year
old claimed her daughter suffers permanent neurological damage due to her
consumption of Aspartame in children's vitamins. The HARD COPY segments
also portrayed a 30-yr-old diabetic male who had experienced a stroke
his doctor blamed on daily use of the sweetener of choice for diabetics,
Aspartame. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon author of 'Excitotoxins:
Taste That Kills' stated that he sees these problems routinely in his
practice. Headaches, Seizures, Blindness, Dizziness, Mental Confusion,
Depression, Fatigue, Muscle/Joint pain, Numbness, Hearing Loss, Cramping,
Spasms, Skin Problems, Heart Attack Symptoms, Mood Swings are a few of
92 reported symptoms of Aspartame adverse reactions, including deaths.

The London Observer broke the story in Europe , interviewing
Activist in the U.K., Dr. Erik Millstone of the University of Sussex.
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network
P.O. Box 780634 - Dallas TX, 75378 - 1-800-969-6050

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