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Re: Why Labelling of Genetically Modified Organisms is Pointless.

Hi Andy,
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>  If we campaign wholeheartedly for a ban we are on solid scientific
>  ground. We can appeal directly to people to help, and show them why it
>  is important. The campaign for labelling is making the issue of a
>  life-threatening technology appear to be merely an issue of civil
>  rights. This is playing right into the hands of the biotech
>  corporations. I would like to see a debate about how to stop them, not
>  about how to allow them to carry on. No-one has the right to choose
>  something that threatens the lives of others. These new organisms must
>  be stopped. The democratic process is being subverted by powerful
>  corporations who are taking direct action with no mandate. How should we
>  react? 
Very scary article. Thankyou for posting it.

I'm not really sure how to proceed in terms of fighting genetic
engineering in food. In the UK there seems very little public debate
(compared to road building opposition for example).
I'm active with a local FoE group, and there seem to be large numbers
of people who could be easily "roused to action" over this - I have good
contacts in organic food purchasing circles here.
But it seems such a major international issue, that occasional
supermarket pickets and rants in the local rag seem ineffective and

Grass roots opposition is crucial and possible - but we need a
national/international focus and coordinating body (especially since
the EU will dominate any legislation).
Any suggestions or contacts?


Jon Buckingham
Northavon Friends of the Earth