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RE: Why Labelling of Genetically Modified Organisms is Pointles

I was most interested to read the post from Andy, containing many 
references I hadn't got and describing some ideas I hadn't considered 
(I'm new to this list, by way of introduction, I'm a science educator 
for the CSIRO in Canberra, Australia so I'm very interest to hear your 

I'd like to comment on : 

>Thus it is likely that
>as large numbers of humans consume CaMV modified tomatos recombination
>between CaMV and hepatitis B viruses will take place creating a
>supervirus propagated in plants, insects and humans.

While  I appreciate the ability of CaMV and hepatitis B to recombine, 
possibly creating a "super" hep. B, I wonder two things - firstly 
how/where the recombination event could occur (it is my understanding 
that the CaMV promoter, along with all the other DNA we eat, would be 
rapidly degraded in the gut.  Can recombination occur between EATEN DNA 
and DNA in virus' in the blood/body (isn't this quite a physiological 
separation ??) - does any one know of any studies?)
Secondly, dosen't hep B already have  a very strong promoter ??  This is 
a sure feature of all virus', crucial for their survival.

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