GENTECH archive 8.96-97


Monsanto's "swindle" case

Recently the reasons from court regarding the libel case Monsanto
posed on me have been released. In short, it's pretty
disappointing. The judges neither says something about, wether the
objected sentence could be said in a political dispute, nor wether such
a writing could be distributed on a mailing list without punishment. 

The judges are mainly arguing that there was no risk of repetition,
therefore Monsanto had no right to call the court for a decision which
forced me to say nevermore: "Monsanto a company of swindle". 

The court even uses a false affidavit to justify the responsibility of
the local court. They said, the Internet counsellor of Monsanto's
PR-firm (Burson-Marsteller) read about the mailing list GENESIS at my
web pages, which is obviously a lie (
Because the information have been on my web pages, everyone in the
world could have read about the mailing list and therefore every court
where the Internet is available could be responsible.

I will put the main documents about this case on some web
pages. Perhaps in 2 or 3 days you will find them on (take care, it's ugly german:-)


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