GENTECH archive 8.96-97


The Public and Political Response of Member States to Genetically Modified Foods in the EU

I am currently undertaking an MSc in Environmental 
Policy and Management at the University of Hull, UK. I 
am doing a dissertation on the food labeling policies 
of major food retailers in the UK for food products 
which contain genetically modified material. I also 
intend to compare the labeling policies of UK 
retailers with other European food retailers and 
producers, particularly in the Netherlands and 
Germany, as they have been far more proactive in their 
response to consumer concerns. Information or contacts 
concerning the Dutch Governments introduction of mandatory 
labeling for GM foods would also gratefully received.

In addition ANY information which you feel may be of use, 
or contact addresses for individuals involved in this 
field, would be gratefully received. Addresses of the Head 
Offices of German food retailers and producers which have 
acted to remove the soya from the human food supply, such 
as Unilever and Nestle would be particularly welcome.

Thank you for taking the time in considering my request and 
i look forward to hearing from you.

P.J.Mundy, MSc Environmental Policy and Management,
School of Geography and Earth Resources,
University of Hull, East Yorkshire.