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How to subscribe to gene lists

Dear Evdoxia:

Above you will see the email address of the two gene lists that I know of
and of which I subscribe.  You simply email them and put subscribe in the
subject line or in the message text.  You will get an email back telling
that you are now on the list.  

As to information about working in a laboratory here, maybe you could ask
your questions to the gene lists and somebody who can help you will


To get more information on aspartame, email as follows:
Subject: sendme help   
The subject line must be typed exactly like the above line.
Betty Martini             1.  Take the 60-day No-Aspartame test
Mission Possible                 and send us your case history.
5950-H State Bridge Rd    2.  Tell your doctor and your friends.
Suite 215                 3.  Return Aspar-Poisoned foods to the store. 
Duluth GA  30155  USA     (Nutrasweet(tm), Equal(tm), Spoonful(tm), etc)

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On Tue, 4 Feb 1997 wrote:

> Dear Mrs.Betty,
> Thank you very much for your e-mail letter and your consideration about the
> books I asked you. I am not in any genes list but I love this field very
> much and I want to work in it. I began to work  last summer in Pasteur
> Institution and now I will work for almost four months with a scholarship
> in Sweden .  I am very grateful to you for the help you give me. Anyway, I
> want to ask you some things about the laboratory work in U.S.A.I Know that
> is good work but a stundent like me can participate in this work? It's very
> difficult this? I am asking you because I was enthusiastic about all this
> information they excist and we can find it.
> i am waiting your answear as soon as possible. Thank you very much for
> everything.
> Sincerely Yours
> Papadimitriou Evdoxia