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>Subject:     HYDROTOX
>Sent:        21-01-1997 22:49
>Received:    24-01-1997 21:00
>From:        Eckart Stein,
>The Address of the Comapany that detects transgenes is:
>Hydrotox GmbH, Labor f|r Vkotoxologie und Gewdsserschutz, 79111
>Bvtzinger Stra_e 29, Tel. (0761) 45512-0, Fax 45512-34. Direkter
>They have a WEB-Site (only in German language)
>There is also the Company Genetic ID in the US (Iowa) that 
>tests for transgenes. 
>Regards, Eckart
>Armin Spoek wrote:
>> Dear Mr. Stein, dear subscribers,
>>I am very interested to learn more about the current discussion on
>>the (limits of) detection of transgenic proteins or recDNA in food
>>stuff. Therefore, I would also appreciate if you  send me the address  >of
>>the company you mentioned "HYDROTOX". 

The tests from Genetic ID will also be administered by TNO Research 
Laboratories in Zeist, Netherlands. TNO is the biggest research facility 
of te Netherlands.

Vriendelijke groeten,

Jan Storms

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