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Monsanto's libel case


Regarding the libel case Monsanto forced on me I have to specify the
role of the PR firm Young & Rubicam clearly to avoid possible
confusion among the readers of this list. A journalist recently
telephoned with Y&R in New York. They denied to represent Monsanto!

I wrote about the libel case on Jan 19th 1996:

> The headquarter of Monsanto Germany is in Duesseldorf but Monsanto
> didn't get the proclamation by e-mail. Monsanto's public relation
> activities in Germany are performed by the New York PR company Young &
> Rubicam which tried to influence the german public in favour for the
> RR-Soya. A so called "Internet Counsellor" from this company
> subscribed to GENESIS with the address The
> proclamation was sent to this address located in the USA, probably New
> York. From there the message was sent or redirected to the subsidiary
> of Y&R in Frankfurt/Germany. Finally Monsanto Germany received the
> proclamation by fax from there.

Unfortunately this sentences simplify the situation. I concluded Y&R
is representing Monsanto because the "Internet Counsellor",
Patrick K., who subscribed to GENESIS, used the address There is no doubt that the Internet Domain YR.COM
belongs to Young&Rubicam, New York. After some investigation I
realized, that Patrick K. is an employee of the US PR company
Burson-Marsteller. B-M is performing Public Relations for Monsanto, at
least in Germany. You can see an example of their work at, a site which tries to influence the german
public with the alleged advantages of Monsanto's RR-Soya. Take a look
at it (there is also an english version) and you will understand the
following aim of B-M: "At Burson-Marsteller we believe that the role
of communications is to manage perceptions in order to motivate
behaviors that create positive business results". 

Is Y&R right to say merely they don't represent Monsanto? I don't
think so. You can read on a WWW page of B-M: "Burson-Marsteller is a
part of the Y&R Inc. network since 1979". 

- -Werner

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