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The Address of the Comapany that detects transgenes is:

Hydrotox GmbH, Labor f|r Vkotoxologie und Gewdsserschutz, 79111
Bvtzinger Stra_e 29, Tel. (0761) 45512-0, Fax 45512-34. Direkter

They have a WEB-Site (only in German language)

There is also the Company Genetic ID in the US (Iowa) that 
tests for transgenes. 

Regards, Eckart

Armin Spoek wrote:
> Dear Mr. Stein, dear subscribers,
>I am very interested to learn more about the current discussion on
>the (limits of) detection of transgenic proteins or recDNA in food
>stuff. Therefore, I would also appreciate if you  send me the address  >of
>the company you mentioned "HYDROTOX".