GENTECH archive 8.96-97


labelling, limits of detection, etc

Dear Mr. Stein, dear subscribers,  

I am very interested to learn more about the current discussion on
the (limits of) detection of transgenic proteins or recDNA in food
stuff. Therefore, I would also appreciate if you  send me the address  of
the company you mentioned "HYDROTOX". 

I also would be glad to get some information on contries or regions
which are planing or already  going to introduce a voluntary
labbeling of food stuff as " free of genetically engineered
organisms" or as "not produced with the help of modern

Furthermore, I am interested in the national latitudes ("Spielraeume")
in positive labelling of GE producst after the novel food directive
became law and therefore, I would  like to contact experts in
international law who are concerned with this matter  (novel food
and WTO regulation on food stuff)

I would be grateful for any information on these issues (citations, 
names of experts (especially in Germany and Switzerland) currently 
working in these fields, WWW-sites etc. 

Yours Sincerely

Armin Spoek


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