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Missing People

Dear Members of Listserver:

The Dean of the Graduate Division of the University of California, Berkeley,
is currently undertaking a research project studying the career outcomes of
Ph.D.'s in selected majors approximately ten years after they have
graduated. 61 U.S. institutions and nearly 6000 Ph.D.'s are involved in this
study. The results of this study will hopefully assist in improving the
effectiveness of doctoral programs in training our future scholars and

Since we are using a mail out questionnaire, we have been trying very hard
to locate the most current mailing addresses for these people. We have been
successful in locating approximately 85% of our survey population through
alumni associations and other sources. That still leaves a siginificant
number of persons for whom we have no mailing address.

Therefore, in a last ditch effort, we are utilizing web mailing list
resources in the hope that a member of these lists will know the whereabouts
of some of our lost Ph.D.'s. We are requesting that if anybody recognizes a
name in the following list, that they contact us to provide leads on where
that Ph.D. might be found. Any leads will be greatly appreciated. We
apologize for any inconvenience this message may cause your listserver.

Thank you very much.


Graduate Division
University of California, Berkeley
"Ph.D.'s Ten Years Later" Study
424 Sproul Hall #5900
Berkeley, CA 94720
tel: (510) 643-2791
fax: (510) 642-6366

Biochemistry Ph.D.'s: [This lists first the university from which
they received their Ph.D., then the last name, first name, middle initial,
and year of graduation with Ph.D.]

Boston University, Abdelfattah, Emad, Ibrah, I, 85      
Texas A & M University, Bencini, David, Andrew, A, 83           
Purdue University, Chen, Shyh-Long, , , 83      
University of Texas at Austin, Cheng, Yu-Chen, , , 84      
University of Chicago, Eby, John, Edwin, E, 84      
Rice University, Hysell, Kim, Vandegriff, V, 84      
Columbia University, Kang, Changwon, , , 83           
University of Washington, Keyes, Michael, R, R, 82      
SUNY-Buffalo, Kharroubi, Akram, Taha, T, 83      
University of Tennessee, Kim, Doo, Sik, S, 83      
University of Minnesota, Kim, Kyu-Won, , , 85      
University of South Carolina, Krieger, Timothy, Joseph, J, 85      
Columbia University, Lee, Shang-Jeou, Candice, C, 84      
University of Missouri, Lee, Younghoon, , , 84      
University of Notre Dame, Morris, Joseph, P, P, 84      
University of Missouri, Motamedi, Haideh, , , 83      
MIT, Nagahisa, Atsushi, , , 84      
Boston University, Panse, Chandrakant, Shri, S, 84      
MIT, Pilistine, Sydne, Jennif, J, 84      
University of Tennessee, Price, Daniel, Jonathan, J, 83      
University of Minnesota, Rosenthal, Luann, Patric, P, 84      
Columbia University, Sen, Jyoti, , , 83      
UC Davis, Stack, Robert, Joseph, J, 83         
University of Nebraska, Steinfeld, Richard, Char, C, 82        
MIT, Wu, Kun, Chi, C, 84      

Ken Hirano
W: (510) 643-2792
H:  (510) 652-4060