GENTECH archive 8.96-97


NutraSweet Poem

Judy, one more of my poems, and a little more fun.  Now have to get back
to work.  Enjoy!  

Subject: NutraSweet Poem

	NutraSweet  It's the Devil's treat
	It's poured on everything you eat
	Don't mind if you go blind
	Or leave your brains behind

	If you like doctors, pills 'n tests
	And hospitals you love the best
	And always want a list of ills
	To give your friends the shakin thrills

	If you just pine to drink the thing
	Of which the stars on TV sing
	Who cares if you don't get much olda
	Not Diet Coke or PepsiCola

	Don't imagine that they'll tell you
	Of the poisons that they sell you
	Formaldehyde and formic acid
	Forest Lawn will be so placid

	Yours is not to reason why,
	Yours is just to buy and die!
	You're just another consumer, Honey
	Now get back in line and spend your money!