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Lambs To Slaughter - Poem (fwd)

Dear Judy:  While you're thinking of bumper stickers on genetic
engineering, here's one of my poems that makes the point.

Subject: Lambs To Slaughter - Poem

        Sittin in the shadow of a polyester tree
	Musing on the wonders of a world of chemistry
	Sippin a libation from a thermoplastic cup
	Deciphering the label of the potion that I sup

	Once a time real lemons were picked for lemonade
	Citric acid and aspartame are now from which it's made
	With several other additives to get the flavor right
	It tastes a lot like cheap perfume or paper roses might

	You see the real problem is it cost another dime
	Unthinkable consideration in our mercenary time
	The Board of Directors decided FAKE will simply have to do
	It's profit they produce, not lemonade for you!

	So settle down and drink it down and soon you'll say, it's true
	That lemons give a funny taste ... sort of artificial too!

	     	And so you'll saturate your frame
		With chemotoxins, such a shame
		But you can tell your Doctor friend
		You were a consumer to the end

		The profiteers endless proclamation
		With terminal mental constipation
		All is well, All is well!
		So lure our land and health to hell

		Who is so blind that will not see
		This pathologic travesty
		The simple truth, all argue done
		We buy what they advertise till we're done

		And never dare to doubt or question
		Mesmerized by the vile suggestion
		That not to buy is heresy
		So lambs to the slaughter, tragic, we  	

Betty Martini
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