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UK Supermarkets Leafletted

    LONDON, Dec 13 (Reuter) - A British women's environment group is planning
to distribute leaflets outside supermarkets this Saturday and Sunday in an
attempt to build consumer opposition to gene modified products. 

    The campaign by the Women's Environment Network, is aimed at the current
controversy over genetically modified soya and maize, a spokeswoman said. 

    But the group is aiming at a moratorium on the growing, field testing and
trading of genetically engineered organisms and crops. 

    Participants in the leaflet campaign "will be drawing attention to the
supermarkets' refusal to label products which may contain genetically
engineered soya and corn or to insist on segregation of natural and
genetically engineered crops," the group said in a statement. 

    They will be distributing a leaflet headed "Beware Hazardous Food Ahead,"
calling on consumers to avoid genetically engineered products. 

    The group rejects claims that segregation of genetically modified soya,
which would make possible labelling for its presence in processed foods, is

    At a meeting on Thursday, the UK government's Food Advisory Committee
reaffirmed its advice that compulsory labelling of genetically modified soya
products should not be a condition of their approval, the Ministry of
Agriculture, Fisheries and Food said in a statement. 

    And the committee noted and supported industry efforts in pursuing
segregation of genetically modified crops, while recognising the complexities
of achieving segregation throughout the food chain, the ministry said. 

    --Christopher Lyddon, London Newsroom +44 171 542 7928 

11:30 12-13-96