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I am sending Dr. Hulse a copy of this post and hope if he hasn't he will
join these lists.  He has just written one of the most incredible books
I've very read and this is the kind of information people on this list are
looking for.  If you're interested in the bovine growth hormone, cow
leukemia and cancer and the issues on the title you wont' be able to put
this book down!  

Dr. Hulse is an M.D., milk scientist, etc.  He lost his son at age 10 of
lymphoma and he has multiple myeloma.  Read the connections to milk!  

Everybody who has read this book says: "I can't put the book down!!!"

I didn't ask first so I don't know if you contact Dr. Hulse or he has a
number to get the book, but his email is above and I'm sure he will answer
any inquiry.  


To get more information on aspartame, email as follows:
Subject: sendme help   
The subject line must be typed exactly like the above line.
Betty Martini             1.  Take the 60-day No-Aspartame test
Mission Possible                 and send us your case history.
PO Box 28098              2.  Tell your doctor and your friends.
Atlanta GA  30358         3.  Return Aspar-Poisoned foods to the store. 
USA                           (Nutrasweet(tm), Equal(tm), Spoonful(tm), etc)

We are dedicated to the proposition that we will not be satisfied until death 
and disability are no longer considered an acceptable cost of business.