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Re: How to Subscribe to Ban GEF

Dear Judy:

Here is the list of the other gene list I subscribe to, so by sending this
request to them they will probably get in touch and tell you how to
subscribe.  Probably the same way - put subscribe inthe subject line.

Thanks so much.


To get more information on aspartame, email as follows:
Subject: sendme help   
The subject line must be typed exactly like the above line.
Betty Martini             1.  Take the 60-day No-Aspartame test
Mission Possible                 and send us your case history.
PO Box 28098              2.  Tell your doctor and your friends.
Atlanta GA  30358         3.  Return Aspar-Poisoned foods to the store. 
USA                           (Nutrasweet(tm), Equal(tm), Spoonful(tm), etc)

We are dedicated to the proposition that we will not be satisfied until death 
and disability are no longer considered an acceptable cost of business.

On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Judy Kew wrote:

> Dear Betty,
> We like your information and welcome you to subscribe to the Ban-GEF
> Listservr.
> We are also interested to know how to subscribe to the other one.  Some of us
> are subscribed to German Gentech.
> ------
> To sign up (free) to receive the postings to (and to send mail to) the
> Listservr, 
> simply send a subscription request to 
> Type the word  "SUBSCRIBE" 
> (or "SUBSCRIBE DIGEST" ) in the SUBJECT line at the top of the Message Box.
> Instructions will be sent to you along with the introduction.
> A well-written flyer from the Canada has been adapted for the U.S. and serves
> as an introduction to the issue.
> ------
> Thank you,
> Judy Kew
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