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They knew it would cause brain tumors.  I wrote this from the secret trade
information!  This is as criminal as it gets!



The l985 National Soft Drink Assn. manifest on aspartame printed in the 
Congressional Record states Searle did the wrong test, used the wrong 
solution, didn't test for temperature elevation or breakdown products. They
knew but didn't want it on record because aspartame is poison.  The tests 
were so bad that the Government began to prosecute them for fraud, but 
Searle got U.S. Atty Sam Skinner another job with their law firm, Sidley 
& Austin, defending the case.  The statute of limitations ran out.  In-
cidently, Sammy became 1993 Epileptic Foundation man of the year!

A memorandum from Herbert Helling titled CONFIDENTIAL TRADE SECRET 
INFORMATION, Food and Drug Sweetener Strategy, 12/28/70, said:

"The basic philosophy of our approach to Food and Drug should be .. to 
rank the things we are going to ask for so that we are putting first 
those questions we are likely to get "yes" to, even if we have to throw 
some in that have no significance to us other than putting them into a yes 
saying habit.  We must create an affirmative atmosphere in our dealing 
with them.  It would also help if we can get them to get the people 
involved to do us any sort of favor as this would also help bring them 
into a subconscious spirit of participation."

TRANSLATION:  Safe products get approved but since the product is unsafe 
our strategy will be psychomanipulation!

In their concluding paragraph: .."we have no way of estimating maximum 
likely abuse and hence need to utilize data based on almost complete 
conversion to DKP.  If we include this .. we stand a good chance of 
ending up with nothing.."

They knew DKP (diketopiperazine), a tumor agent, is a breakdown product -
and they knew what would happen to the public, and concealed it!

Aspartame changes brain chemistry, lowers the seizure threshold of the 
brain and the phenylalanine concentrates in the placenta causing mental 
retardation.  It changes the brain dopamine, deadly to a Parkinsons patient.
Phenylalanine depletes serotonin so causes behavioral problems, panic 
attacks, manic depression, etc.  The methanol converts first to 
formaldehyde and then formic acid causing metabolic acidosis.  It has a 
disastrous effect on the fetus causing birth defects, if there is 
survival at all.  Searle knew about the breakdown products.

Seizures are rampant, more people are going blind, having horrible 
neurological problems and experience manic depression plus other 
behavioral changes, and they had the evidence.

On 8/1/85 Ohio's courageous Senator Howard Metzenbaum sponsored bill 
S1557 which provided for a moratorium on new aspartame products, and 
label warnings on those in distribution.  It also required studies by 
independent laboratories, listing these problems:

	Effect of aspartame on brain chemistry
	Effects on pregnant women and fetuses
	Behavioral and neurological effects
        Interaction with drugs,  (particularly changes dopamine level)
        Increased probability of seizures

The Senate killed the bill, and so let slip the hounds of disease and 
death on an innocent unwarned population.


One test on seven infant monkeys was prophetic of the devastation 
aspartame is now wrecking on humans:  One died after 300 days and 5 
others had Grand Mal seizures.  You're the monkey now!  The August '95 
FDA report of 10,000 aspartame complaints  of 92 symptoms from coma to 
death includes 4 types of seizures, petit to grand mal, yet an FDA 
brochure denies that aspartame causes seizures.

Monsanto who bought Searle in 1985 funds twin associations, the initials
ADA.  The American Diabetics Assn., and the American Dietetic Assn. who
acknowledges their literature is written by NutraSweet!  The only thing
missing is Monsanto/ NutraSweet's name on their stationery. 

Aspartame disease has predictable symptoms.  Two weeks ago William Reed, 
(diabetic) who lives in Michigan, was having 5 or 6 seizures every day,
couldn't sleep, had slurred speech, memory loss, rapid heart beats and 
resigned himself to die.  His doctor didn't have a clue, discounted 
AsparPoison reports as "anecdotal".  When warned Reed discontinued 
AsparPoison and the seizures quit, and he sleeps through the night.  His 
other symptoms are disappearing too.  Reed's family includes 15 diabetics 
on NutraSweet with similar symptoms!

  To rephrase an old country song:

	I didn't know the gun was loaded
	And I'm so sorry my friend
	I didn't know the gun was loaded
	So excuse me while I shoot you again!

        Sung in Chorus by:

 		The FDA
		and the ADAs
		And Monsanto
                And Congress
                And the National Soft Drink Assn.

  	For 40 mill a week
	Knowledge isn't what we seek
	Your money means much more to us
	Than your health or life, Don't make a fuss!

Betty Martini            Operation Mission Possible

Betty Martini
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