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Re: Compulsory Genetic Screeining (fwd)

Hello!  Interesting discusssion on manic depression.

Perhaps our German friend was actually speaking of schitzophenia?  There 
are still a lot of differences in diagnoisis between Europe and the US.  
As late as 15 years ago 80% of people in US hospitals were diagnoised 
with schitzophenia - yet in English hospitals 80% were diagnoised manic 

I have heard of studies that are looking for a VIRUS in schitzophrenia.  
The majority of people with schitzophrnia are born in the WINTER, when a 
virus might be more likely to attack in the mother's womb.

There are some very good studies on the family transmission of manic 
depresion.  I can trace it back 4 generations.  HOWEVER, the gene can 
express itself differently in each generation.  My Great-Grandmother had 
classic manic depression - while my grandmother had unipolar depression.  
My mother had wide moodswings - but more lows than highs.

-- thanks for you fellow's input!

-- Steve Williamson