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  • [Genet-news] LABELLING & REGULATION: USA: 8 Battleground States in the GMO Food Labeling Fight, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] APPROVALS & REGULATION: USA: FDA blocking GMO salmon imports until guidelines set, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] APPROVALS & IMPORTS: EU: Non GMO Expert Highlights New GM Risk to EU Supply Chain, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] APPROVALS & ANIMALS: Canada: Environmental groups challenge ruling approving genetically modified salmon eggs, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] CIVIL SOCIETY & GMO-FREE: USA: GMO control disputed by Oregon farmers, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] BUSINESS & HERBICIDES: Monsanto to pay $80 m in US SEC settlement over Roundup earnings, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] APPROVALS & REGULATION: Bangladeshi scientists seek regulatory approval for a GMO potato resistant to late blight, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] AGRICULTURE & DEVELOPMENT: Burkina Faso: Why Africa's biggest adopter of GM crops changed its mind, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] ANIMALS & APPROVALS: USA: No GMO Fish In Hawaii, Please, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] LABELLING & CONSUMERS: USA: Consumers Want Government-Regulated GMO Labeling, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] CONTAMINATION & BUSINESS: Australia: Organic Farmer Dealt Final Blow in Landmark Lawsuit Over Monsanto's GMO Contamination, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] APPROVALS & RISK ASSESSMENT: India: GM Mustard faces eight more tests, risk report, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] GM-FREE & POLICY: Zimbabwe government says no to genetically modified food despite food shortages, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] GM-FREE & CIVIL SOCIETY: New Zealand: Battle to keep GMO free heats up, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] TRIALS & APPROVALS: Kenya Approves Cultivation Trials for GMO Maize, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] REGULATION & LABELLING: USA: Vilsack says Congress must resolve GMO labeling dispute, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] ANIMALS & HEALTH: Dominica: Health minister says no to genetically-modified mosquitoes, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] GMO-FREE & TRADE: India: target to import GMO-free corn, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] REGULATION & APPROVALS: Philippines: Asia watches as GMO legal challenge threatens Philippines food supply, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] ANIMALS & HEALTH: Can GMO mosquitoes really help us stop Zika? A closer look, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] AGRICULTURE & DEVELOPMENT: GMOs worldwide, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] BUSINESS & FOOD SECURITY: India: GMO Trojan horse attacking food and farming, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] RISK ASSESSMENT & HERBICIDE: EU review of weedkiller glyphosate adds secrecy to controversy, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] FOOD & TRIALS: Gates Foundation: stop biopirated GMO banana feeding trials, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] LOBBYING & LABELLING: USA: Big Food Accused of Illegal Scheme to Kill GMO Labeling Initiative, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] BUSINESS & POLICY: India: Monsanto Just Tied Up With Maharashtra Govt. And We Didn't Notice, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] ANIMALS & HEALTH: WHO Confirmed Genetically Modified Mosquitoes May Be Used To Fight Zika Virus, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] IMPORTS & APPROVALS: India: Food Supply at Risk of GMO Contamination After Lifting 16-Year Corn Import Ban, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] RESEARCH & FOOD: USA: Iowa researches to pay students to eat GMO bananas, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] ANIMALS & FEED: UK animals are routinely given genetically modified feed and are in supermarkets, GENET-news
  • [Genet-news] LABELLING & REGULATION: USA GMO Labeling: The Shocking Draft Text of the New Dark Act, GENET-news

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