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RISK ASSESSMENT / PLANTS: France could follow Germany in GM cornrestriction

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TITLE:  France could follow Germany in GM corn restriction
AUTHOR: Vicky Buffery
DATE:   25.05.2007

France could follow Germany in GM corn restriction

PARIS (Thomson Financial) - France may follow Germany in imposing
restrictions on a strain of genetically-modified corn made by the US
giant Monsanto, french daily Le Parisien reported, citing comments from
ecology minister Alan Juppe.

'Germany has just suspended authorisation for MON 810 seed. In this
particular instance, we must be steered by the German case,' the newly-
appointed minister told the daily Le Parisien.

'They have just discovered that the toxin which is supposed to kill the
corn pest is being secreted in ways that are not precisely what was expected.'

MON 810 is a genetically-engineered breed of corn, also called maize,
that exudes a poison to kill an insect called the European corn-borer.

Juppe was referring to restrictions applied by the German federal
government, which has reportedly told Monsanto (nyse: MON - news -
people ) that MON 810 may only be sold if the firm also provides an
accompanying 'monitoring plan' to research the effects on the environment.

The restrictions have the impact of a de-facto moratorium, as Monsanto
has not presented any MON 810 monitoring plan so far.

Juppe said, however, that transgenic research, both in medicine and in
food, 'should not be stopped'.

The question of GM crops in France would be addressed at a national
review of environment policies, expected to be held in October, he said.

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