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GMO-FREE REGIONS & PRODUCTS: Parliament of Cyprus rejects use of GEagrofuels

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TITLE:  Plenum downs bio-fuels law amendment
SOURCE: Cyprus Mail, Cyprus
DATE:   18.05.2007

Plenum downs bio-fuels law amendment

THE PLENUM yesterday rejected an amendment by President Papadopoulos on
the law regarding the use of bio-fuels that contain genetically modified
substances. The amendment called for an alteration in the law that
currently did not allow the import or use of bio-fuels that had been
produced using GM substances, something that goes against a recent EU
Directive. During the hotly contested vote, 24 deputies voted in favour
while 25 deputies voted against. AKEL deputy and Chairman of the House
Environment Committee, Yiannos Lamaris, said his party voted against the
amendment because "we have our reservations over the issue of the growth
of genetically modified organisms for the production of bio-fuels. The
issue of GM organisms is still in the balance, both in the EU and
worldwide". AKEL, EDEK, the Green Party and the European Party voted
against the change, while opposition party DISY and government partner
DIKO were the only two parties that voted in favour. According to Green
Party leader George Perdikis, nothing had changed since the previous
vote on bio fuels, and that the House had been "fully aware that the law
was opposed to European guidelines".

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