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REGULATION/ FOOD: GMO certification to drive prices by 0,5 to 15percent in Moscow

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TITLE:  GMO certification to drive prices by 15 percent
SOURCE: Kommersant, Russia
DATE:   14.05.2007

GMO Certification to drive prices by 15 percent

The voluntary certification for absence of genetically modified
organisms (GMO) in the foods is turning into a compulsory requirement,
food and drink producers said in the complaint lodged to the consumer
market department of Moscow government. On April 24, representatives of
ten associations, including Russia's Union of Juice Producers, Askond
Association of Confectioners, Union of Russia's Beer and Nonalcoholic
Beverage Producers, addressed a letter to Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov,
complaining that the GMO absence mark is turning into a compulsory
requirement. Under today's laws, however, only the GMO presence in the
foods should be marked without fail. The regional "No GMO!" mark was
introduced by the Moscow government's ruling of February 13, 2007,
spelling out additional actions to ensure quality and safety of foods
and provide adequate information to consumers in the city. Starting from
July 1, 2007, the producers may voluntary undergo certification in one
of 16 laboratories. The final list of these laboratories will be
approved on May 22, and the City Hall has appropriated 50 million rubles
for their equipment. So, some biggest retailers - Pyaterochka and Sedmoi
Continent, for instance, - have strongly recommended to producers to
have the "No GMO!" mark for foods delivered from June 15. This action
will fuel the prices by 0.5 percent to 15 percent, the analysts forecast.

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