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PLANTS: Agriculture Minister of Romania in favor of GM soy

                                 PART I
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TITLE:  Agriculture Minister in favor of GM soy
SOURCE: HotNews, Romania
DATE:   10.5.2007

Agriculture Minister in favor of GM soy

While other countries fight to gain the right to ban genetically
modified plants (GMs), the Romanian Agriculture Minster pleads in favor
of growing GM soy. GM soy was listed as forbidden culture in the
European Union, Romania ceasing production after its accession to the
EU, on January 1st, 2007. mDecebal Traian Remes, the Agriculture
Minister, discussed the advantages of the GM soy cultures and stated
that his ministry will support the development of GM soy within the
European Union. The Environment Ministry remained cautious while
referring to the subject and announced that it would not open any time
soon a campaign to support or fight GMs. For the moment, Romania obeys
the existing European legislation and does not grow GM soy, Environment
Ministry officials say.

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                                 PART II
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TITLE:  EC checks Romanian GMO labs
SOURCE: HotNews, Romania
DATE:   25.04.2007

EC checks Romanian GMO labs

Romanian laboratories testing the genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
will be evaluated by the Food Veterinary Office, a department in the
European Commission (EC). European experts will visit the counties with
a massive production of genetically modified soy. Results of the
verification are due on Friday, April 27. The FVO mission has to
evaluate the control system for human food and fodder produced with
GMOs. The experts have to check the progress in the control mechanisms,
the legislation and the way the laws were implemented. Assessments are
also due for labs designed to determinate the GMO level in seeds and for
custom points through which GMO imports may take place. 2006 will be
last year for the 130,000 hectares with GMO soy plantations in Romania.

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