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ANIMALS: Taiwan animal rights group protests "fluorescent pigs"

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TITLE:  Taiwan animal rights group protests "fluorescent pigs"
SOURCE: The Raw Story, USA
AUTHOR: dpa - German Press Agency
DATE:   30.04.2007

Taiwan animal rights group protests "fluorescent pigs"

Taipei- An animal rights group on Monday protested Taiwanese scientists'
genetically engineering two pink fluorescent pigs, calling the project
"absurd" and "meaningless."

"If they are doing it for the happiness of human beings or animals, then
maybe it is worthwhile. But I don't see any proper purpose for breeding
fluorescent pigs," Chu Tseng-hung, director- general of the Environment
and Animal Society of Taiwan.

"If the experiment is only to create sensation and attract media
attention, then it is meaningless and should not be encouraged," he said.

On Monday, National Taiwan University (NTU) unveiled its second batch of
fluorescent pigs at the Yilan Green Expo in Yilan County, northeast Taiwan.

NTU claimed it used fluorescent cells from coral and injected them into
69 pig embryos, which were implanted into two pigs. One pig had a
miscarriage, while the other one gave birth to two fluorescent piglets
on April 28.

The two piglets are pink inside and out, and glow in the dark. The Yilan
County Government called it a scientific breakthrough because they are
the first "pink pigs" in the world.

This is NTU's second success in breeding fluorescent pigs. In January
2006, NTU researchers produced two green fluorescent piglets by adding
genetic material from jellyfish into normal pig embryos.

The researchers hoped the pigs could boost Taiwan's stem cell research,
as well as helping with the study of human disease.

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