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ANIMALS: Genes being developed for diseases resistant chicken inIndia

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TITLE:  'Genes being developed for diseases resistant chicken'
SOURCE: The Hindu, India
AUTHOR: Press Trust of India
DATE:   30.04.2007

'Genes being developed for diseases resistant chicken'

Ludhiana, April 30 (PTI): Scientists are working on identification of
genes resistant to diseases like pathogenic bird flu to implant these
into poultry but it may take six to seven years before it is fully developed.

"It is going to take at least 6 to 7 years for developing totally
disease resistant chicken. As of now we have initiated efforts for its
which would take about three years and then these genes would be
transferred into developing disease resistant chicken which may again
take couple of years," a senior scientist of UP-based Central Avian
Research Institute told PTI.

Sanjeev Kumar, who is leading this project, said that with help of
biotechnological tools, once we develop disease resistant chicken, it
would show complete resistance to any sort of diseases including avian
influenza, IBD, Marek and other bacterial problems.

Elaborating on the research, he said, "we have found IR genes containing
chemokines and cytokines molecules that have shown a good amount of
resistance to chicken related diseases."

"We are also in the search of more genes that have maximum resistance
power to diseases which would take some more time," Kumar, who was here
to participate in a symposium on Poultry Production, said adding we
could focus on transferring these genes into high producing chickens.

"Our research has shown that high producing chickens are much vulnerable
to diseases such as avian influenza.

Amongst chicken related diseases, bird flu or H5N1 has been the most
dangerous disease as ever found. Last year, it caused an economic loss
of Rs 1200 crore to Indian poultry industry. In entire Asia, bird flu
has resulted into a loss of US $ 10 billion since its emergence.

CARI is the country's biggest poultry research organization in India and
it carries out research in diverse areas of developing genetically
superior germplasms, cost-friendly feeding regimes, effective shelter
management and profitable marketing systems.

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