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GMO-FREE REGIONS & PRODUCTS: 14 new GMO-free localities in Romania

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TITLE:  14 GMO-free localities
SOURCE: HotNews, Romania
DATE:   28.03.2007


14 GMO-free localities

Ecologists' second strike secured a victory for the future of Romania's
agriculture: 14 villages in the Cluj county (the Huedin region) followed
the example of their Bihor county neighbors and declared this region as
free from any genetically modified organisms.

The localities include the small town of Huedin and 13 villages, while
the Bihor GMO-free zone includes two towns and 24 villages.

Local authorities say the reason for the move was part of their rural
development strategy, agriculture-tourism and environmental protection.

Mayors demand the Government some regulation in this field, so that
local autonomy may allow administration institution to forbid GMO
cultures on their lands, as well as legal protection for farmers who
refuse to grow GMOs.

Europe has 174 GMO free regions and 4,500 areas this far.

According to the Agriculture Ministry , Romania has been the largest GMO
producer in Europe for the past 2 years.

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