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SEEDS: DuPont to develop non-GE hybrids of five crops in India

                                 PART I
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TITLE:  DuPont to develop hybrids of five crops
SOURCE: The Financial Express, India
DATE:   16.03.2007

DuPont to develop hybrids of five crops

NEW DELHI, MAR 15: The science-based products and services company
DuPont on Wednesday said it plans to set up a plant biotech research
centre in Hyderabad. First such centre outside the US would help
scientists develop hybrids of rice, pearl millet, maize, mustard and
sunflower for cultivation in India.

At present biotech tools would be deployed to develop non-transgenic hybrids.

Terming India as a strategic market for the company, DuPont India
president and chief executive officer Balvinder S Kalsi said about 20
crop scientists have already started work in the temporary facilities
near the site.

DuPont on February 1, 2007, had announced an initial investment of over
Rs 100 crore to set up DuPont Knowledge Centre.

Investment would be increased by another Rs 100 crore in the next year
as 100 scientists are expected to join the plant biotech centre by the
end of 2007 another 150 in the next year.

The company would incur similar amount every year on maintaining the R&D
centre as recurring expense.

The centre is expected to be up and running by the first quarter of 2008
and accommodate over 300 scientists, Kalsi added.

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                                 PART II
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TITLE:  Putting science to work: DuPont plans plant biotech research
        center in India
AUTHOR: Press Release
DATE:   15.03.2007

Putting science to work: DuPont plans plant biotech research center in India

DuPont will locate its first plant biotechnology research center outside
the United States at the recently announced DuPont Knowledge Center, in
Hyderabad, India.

"The global demand for agricultural crops is very strong. We have the
science to help farmers and others across the value chain meet that
growing demand, and this research center will help us do that faster,"
said Bill Niebur, vice president, DuPont Crop Genetics Research and

Twenty DuPont crop genetics scientists already have begun working at
temporarily leased facilities near the site where the DuPont Knowledge
Center will be built. By year-end, DuPont expects the number of crop
genetics scientists on site to grow to nearly 100 as part of its USD 100
million reinvestment plan. The plan will add more than 400 global
positions, mainly in research and development, to increase the speed-to-
market for new seed products.

DuPont today has major plant biotech research centers in Delaware, Iowa
and California, along with 90 plant genetics research centers around the
globe. Plant biotech scientists at the DuPont Knowledge Center in India
will develop biotech traits and technologies that will be incorporated
into multiple crops for markets around the world. The trait discovery
work conducted on site will help create advanced seed products to meet
the growing global demand for increased food production, improved animal
feed products and expanding energy needs.

"This research facility reinforces the importance of India as a global
center of scientific excellence," said DuPont India President and CEO
Balvinder Kalsi. "The center will allow us to access tremendous
scientific talent in this region in support of DuPont's efforts to
create products that address the food, feed, fuel and materials
challenges of the 21st Century."

The DuPont Knowledge Center is expected to house research programs for
several businesses, including subsidiary Pioneer Hi-Bred International;
DuPont Crop Protection; Chemical Solutions Enterprise; Electronic
Technologies; Surfaces; Building Innovations; Titanium Technologies,
and; Performance Coatings.

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