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DRUGS & PHARMACROPS: Monsanto rolls out Posilac rebate program

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TITLE:  Monsanto rolls out Posilac rebate program
SOURCE: Capital Press, USA
AUTHOR: Cecilia Parsons
DATE:   14.03.2007

Monsanto rolls out Posilac rebate program
S.T.A.R. program will give $1 per dose rebate

The conflict continues over artificial bovine somatotrophin, rBST.
Monsanto has announced an aggressive rebate program for customers of the
product marketed as Posilac.

In a phone interview today with Western United Dairymen's Communications
Manager Mark Looker, Monsanto officials outlined the new Secure
Technology Action Reward or S.T.A.R. rewards program.

"We want to continue to reward and encourage producers who advocate the
preservation of whichever U.S Food and Drug Administration-approved
technology they use," said Brian Naber, Posilac brand manager for
Monsanto Dairy.

Producers have until April 30 to enroll in the program to receive a
rebate of up to $1 per dose of Posilac for the next year. Earnings will
be accrued through April 2008, applied to a customer's account in June
2008 and eligible for use through August 2008. Posilac has been on the
market for 13 years and Monsanto says that Posilac users average an
extra 10 pounds per supplemented cow per day.

"That is an increase that's even more valuable when milk prices are
rising and you have challenging feed costs," Naber said.

Monsanto's move comes as controversy over the use of rBST has caused
retail stores such as Starbucks to announce a ban on milk produced with
rBST. California Dairies Inc. announced recently that after Aug. 1,
cooperative members who use rbST will be assessed a "handling
surcharge." Monsanto's rebate program is seen as a counter step to such
actions, which are increasing across the U.S.

Andrew Burchett, Monsanto's director of public affairs, told WUD that
Monsanto's efforts are directed at supporting dairy producers who
"understand the value of having such government approved technology and
protecting their ability to choose that technology." Burchett said
Monsanto is concerned that recent efforts to ban rBST "are starting us
down a slippery slope. It may be rBST right now, but it is not the only
approved technology that is being threatened," he said, pointing out
assaults on the use of antibiotics and genetically modified organisms.

Naber said the rebate program has been well accepted by producers in its
early stages. More information about the STAR program is available on
the web at

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