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PLANTS: Protein to be produced from GE barley in Iceland

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TITLE:  Protein to be produced from barley
SOURCE: Iceland Review, Iceland
DATE:   11.03.2007

Protein to be produced from barley

Biotech company ORF Líftaekni and Skagafjördur community, north Iceland,
signed an agreement this week regarding production of protein from
genetically modified barley.

Managing director of ORF, Björn Örvar, told Fréttabladid the agreement
involves examining the advantages of genetically modified barley and
whether it can be cultivated in a certain area in Skagafjördur.

"Barley has a certain quality when it comes to protein production, which
is used for different types of industries," Örvar said. He explained
protein is used for obtaining certain textures in clothing and for
processing food and chemicals.

"It is necessary to create variety in the economic life here and this
technology offers a lot of exciting possibilities. [...] Protein could for
example be used for bleaching paper in a much more environmentally
friendly way than with traditional methods," Örvar added.

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