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CIVIL SOCIETY ACTIVITIES: Giant Tomato Tour in Romania - Say NO to GMOs

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SOURCE: GMO Information Centre, Romania; Friends of the Earth Europe, Belgium

AUTHOR: Press Release


DATE:   11.07.2007

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Cluj-Napoca/Romania; 11th of July 2007 - Romania’s GMO Information Centre (InfOMG), and Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) are pleased to announce that the ”Giant Tomato Tour in Romania” ended up today, in front of the Ministry of Environment. This informative event on genetically modified organisms (GMO) issue started at 29th June 2007 and visited 7 Romanian cities.

The event, funded by the Global Greengrants Fund, aims to raise public awareness on the risks and negative impact of GMOs on environment and human health. The Giant Tomato Tour already took place in Macedonia (20-25 June 2007) and will continue in Bulgaria (15th – 24th of July 2007).

During 12 days, the organizers and the local partners accompanied by the GMO campaigner of the Romanian Federation of Organic Farmers informed the public on what GMOs are and what risks and how the cultivation and consumption of such products have already affected on the natural environment and on human health and rights. Also, the consumers were presented and explained the actual situation and inherent risks associated with the large-scale cultivation of GMOs in Romania.

The Tour was very visible for the public, given that we traveled with the 6m high inflatable Giant Tomato which is illustrating the threat of GMOs and the need to resist their release into our countryside, our farming and our food before all their impacts are properly assessed.

The interest of the public for our event was very high. Generally, the Romanian consumers showed a deep mistrust concerning the safety of GM products. They had many questions about the impact of GM food on human health and environment; especially, they expressed their frustration and the discontent concerning the fact that in Romania the GM food is not labeled according to the present legislation (HG 173/2009), in place since June 2006. The Romanian consumers’ right to choose is violated and the authorities have no kind of concern on this.

At the occasion of this event, InfOMG and FoEE launched a call for a national ban on MON810 – Monsanto GM maize; silently authorized by Romanian authorities in 2007.

This campaign will not stop here, but will continue until all the problems related to GMOs are solved.

GMOs are an unknown issue to Romanian public. Transgenic plants, the result of unnatural modifications, raise multiple risks and bring disadvantages to the natural environment and to human health. Romania was classified as the largest GMO cultivator in Europe in 2006 (136.000 ha of GM soy – 14 varieties). Whilst relevant national legislation has not been properly implemented, the authorities have been behaving in an intransparent manner and objective, educational information on GMOs is inexistent.


Program: 29 June – Cluj Napoca – Unirii Square, 1 July – Sibiu – Central Square, 2 July – Brasov – Sfatului Square, 4 July – Iasi – Copou Park, 6 July – Galati – House of Culture, 8 July – Constanta – Tomis Mall, 11 July – Bucharest – Ministery of Environment

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