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GMO-FREE PRODUCTS: Boycott of firms dealing in ‘tainted’ and GM food urged by Qatar professor

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SOURCE: Gulf Times, Qatar



DATE:   25.08.2007

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PROMINENT scholar Ali Mohyeedin al-Qurradaghi has called upon dealers and consumers to boycott companies trading in tainted commodities and genetically modified foodstuff, saying that cheating in these goods is a ”crime against humanity” that should be strictly dealt with.

Al-Qurradaghi, a professor of Shariah at Qatar University, has also called for a stricter law and monitoring of the local market to deter companies dealing in foodstuff or commodities that can constitute a threat to health.

He also blamed the rise in cancer cases around the world on what he called ”commercial cheating”, saying that those involved in such cheating should be punished as stated in the Holy Qur’an.

”According to the Holy Qur’an, cheats who aim to ruin the health of others by their harmful practices should be put to death in public,” he said in a Friday sermon at a Doha mosque.

”Today’s vegetables are not like vegetables of the past. They contain substances which are harmful to health and can cause serious diseases,” he said.

He also called for taking a cue from the US and Europe where dealers are required to put labels on foodstuff showing whether they contain genetically modified ingredients. ”I have visited the American markets and noticed that naturally produced vegetables and genetically modified ones are kept in separate places,” he said.

The scholar also called on consumers to act as inspectors when shopping. Instances of such commodities being sold should be reported to the authorities, he said.

He also referred to reports in the local and international media about cases of foodstuff and other commodities like toys which proved to be harmful to health.

”I have read that some 332 types of foodstuff were confiscated from the Kuwaiti market for being unfit for human consumption,” he said. The phenomenon had spread to the drug industry, he added.

He also accused Chinese producers of applying specific techniques to manufacture ”low quality goods and medications”.

”China and some other Asian countries are applying some Western technologies to cheat,” he said.



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