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9-Misc: Brazil judge says GMO soy can ship from Paranagua

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TITLE:  Brazil Judge Says GMO Soy Can Ship From Paranagua
SOURCE: Reuters
DATE:   30 Mar 2006

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Brazil Judge Says GMO Soy Can Ship From Paranagua

SAO PAULO, Brazil - Genetically modified soybeans are now permitted to
pass through Brazil's main grain port of Paranagua, suspending a long-
standing state ban on GMOs at the port, Federal Judge Giovanna Mayer said
Wednesday. Brazil legalized GMO soy throughout the country in 2005, but
Governor of Parana Roberto Requiao imposed a ban on GMOs passing through
Paranagua port, which has angered producers in the state and grain
operators at the port. The state government can appeal the decision.
Mayer told Reuters she granted an injunction Tuesday evening against the
state ban at the request of grain operators including national and
multinational grain companies that run part of the export corridor at
Paranagua. After the ban was imposed by Requiao, soybean shipments from
the port fell and exporters opted to ship increasingly from other ports
where there is no ban on GMOs, such as Santos and Rio Grande. Santos
soybean shipments have now surpassed those at Paranagua, which had until
recently been Brazil's No. 1 shipper of soybeans.

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